Automotive Collision Repair

Automotive Collision Repair

Getting into a car accident is probably one of the scariest and most stressful situations you can find yourself in. Even after everyone has healed from the physical impacts and is ready to get back to their life, there are still things that need to be taken care of, including getting your vehicle repaired. To ensure that it’s done correctly, you need to take your vehicle to Kelly Paint & Body automotive collision repair shop in Aiken.

Assessing the Damage

Unless the vehicle is completely totaled, our technicians have the skills and ability to get your car back into shape. Our goal is to get you back to taking kids to school, going to the grocery store, heading to work and running other errands as soon as possible. It doesn’t matter if the accident was major or minor, we can fix practically any damage.

In fact, it’s advised that you bring your vehicle into the shop for accident repair even if the accident you got into was minor and the damage to your car doesn’t seem extensive. Even in “minor” accidents, there is a lot of force behind the collision. You may not be able to see it, but there could be internal damage to your vehicle. That’s why it’s recommended that you take it into an auto body repair shop to have the damage assessed.

At Kelly Paint & Body in Aiken, SC, we have skilled professionals who can quickly and accurately assess any damage that may have been done to your car. We’ll be able to tell you what will be required to get it fixed and how long it will take. You and your family deserve to be safe on the road, and any damage caused by an accident should be examined and taken care of by a professional who does automotive collision repair.

You don’t want to find out while driving down the road that the “minor” accident you got into has disabled your vehicle. There are so many things that can get damaged that you may not notice, including getting cracks in your engine or the coolant container that allow these liquids to leak out, bent or damaged suspension, which can impact how well you can steer your car, or damage to the vehicle’s frame, which can lead to a larger safety issue if not taken care of.

Again, no matter how big or small the accident may have seemed, it’s in your best interest to get your vehicle checked out by an automotive collision repair shop. Give yourself peace of mind and have a professional tell you that there’s no damage or get minor issues repaired so that they don’t become major problems down the road.

Taking Care of Customers

We know how important your vehicle is to you and that you depend on it daily. Using only the highest quality equipment, materials and parts in our auto body repair shop, our technicians will get your vehicle back to running optimally. While you may not have control over other drivers on the road, you’ll take comfort in knowing that your car is working the way it should when our experts are done.

In addition to ensuring that your car runs the way it should, at Kelly Paint & Body in Aiken SC, we’ll also make sure it looks good as well. This means getting rid of any unsightly dents, scratches and dings, as well as adding another layer of paint (if necessary). Your car will look as good (or even better) than when you first bought it. Not only will it get you from point A to point B, but you’ll also look fantastic during your commute.

Your safety and satisfaction are our priority. We know you have a lot to deal with after getting into an accident, so we make accident repair as hassle-free as possible. We’ll even be able to answer any questions you might have so that you can feel confident in our skills and abilities to get you back on the road.

Take Your Vehicle to Someone You Can Trust

You have a choice when it comes to an automotive collision repair shop in Aiken, but you should be taking it to a place with experience and skilled technicians. At Kelly Paint & Body, our technicians have seen it all and have the skill and expertise to repair practically anything that comes their way. It doesn’t matter if your car has been impacted by a major or minor accident, our technicians will take on any challenge—and be successful.

You can also rest assured knowing that they will put in the time and effort to ensure that your vehicle runs correctly and keeps you and your passengers safe. We go out of our way to make repairs that will make your car run as good or even better than it did before the accident—and it will look great as well. You can trust us with all of your repair and auto body needs.

Contact Us Today

The sooner you get your car into the repair shop after an accident, the better. You don’t want to risk breaking down on the side of the road or having small issues turn into a large ordeal. Getting your vehicle in for repairs ensures that you’ll get it back in a timely fashion so that you can get back to your life.

We know how much you depend on your vehicle, and it can’t be out of commission for too long. No one plans on getting into an accident, and it can really mess with your schedule and make life challenging. We understand this and will do what we can to get things back to normal. Contact us today to find out what repairs your vehicle needs to get it running correctly and looking like new.



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